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Bahia Shriner's Tailgate

New Bahia Shrine Center
3101 E.  Hwy 436 - Apopka

West of I-4
East of Piedmont-Wekiva Rd
West of Hunts Club Blvd
(Next to McDonald's)

September 22th 2018

Dealer setup 7 am Gate opens 8 am till noon
An old fashioned tailgate from your trunk
(limited table pace)  

an ARRL approved event

Talk in:  443.550 + tone 71.9 


General admission donation $5.00 ( 4.69 + 0.31 sls tx)
Donation to sell  $7.00 (6.57 + 0.43 sls tx)
(includes one general admission

For information:

Jim Hamilton 

Proceeds are for the benefit of Bahia Shrine Radio Unit activities.
Payments are not deductible as charitable contributions.